Picture of writer, Silvia, and her father

Silvia Garcia Bustos, staff writer

One week we were celebrating life, and the next week you were fighting for yours.

The year 2020 has been a difficult year for many of us, and many sadly have had it worse. With the endless amount of problems we faced this year, we also faced COVID- 19 globally. COVID-19 wasn’t taken as seriously as it should have been. Many families were affected by it and still are. If things were taken into better consideration, there could have been plenty of suffering we could have prevented for our nation.

Through these times, my father continued to work to be able to provide for our family. Sadly in mid-June, my dad tested Positive for COVID-19 as well as 3 other family members when we went in for testing. They were immediately placed into quarantine and separated from me and my sister who tested negative. Slowly after their mandatory two-week quarantine, my dad’s symptoms worsened. He lost his taste, smell, as well as body aches and a fever that continued. We waited so long because when we called the hospitals, they would tell us to wait.

How could we wait when we could see our father slowly dying in front of us? We called an ambulance on Friday, June 26th, to come to get him. That morning he was no longer able to get out of bed, and his symptoms were not getting better. He was taken to the hospital, but there was no way of seeing him or knowing how he was.

There was a constant thought in my head of me not getting to saying my last “goodbye.” Knowing that so many families have been affected by this and losing loved ones, I worried that I could be sick next. We called daily to check his health. He was put on steroids and other virus-fighting medicines since they aren’t exactly sure what the cure was. After a week in the hospital, my dad was stable enough to come back home. However, his recovery at home would be another struggle.

My dad had trouble walking short distances –he’d lose his breath too quickly and get exhausted. He also struggled a lot to sleep in his room and use his restroom because he would get panic attacks and memories of when he was sick. My dad never experienced any of this beforehand, so he was very open to explaining that to us.  Our home was warm again by having him by my side. We are thankful for the wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff who helped ensure his health and comfort during these difficult times.