Q&A with Mr. Houchin

Sage Champion, staff writer

1. Which historical figure does he most identify with?


He thinks about conquerors like Gangas Khan, also American figures, but he picked  Peter the Great because he was smart and modernized the country, created a new port city named after himself, and made boatyards because he put Russia on a trajectory for greatness and put them on track to be more western.


2.What does he consider his greatest achievement?


Landing his wife, he met her in college. It was the evening of Halloween and he saw her at a party and they dated for a long time and got married. Houchin thinks she can do better than him, she’s more driven, knew what she wants to do after college. He’s thankful to her for being the planner and feels like she got his life more on track.


3.When and where was he happiest?


Wherever he goes! He’s never sad — wherever he goes, he’s happy all the time. “I never get up on the wrong side of the bed,” he said. Mr. Houchin gets up every day and appreciates his job, wife, family, friends, and the area he lives in. It’s how you react to the things that make you sad– you can sit there and feel self-pity or grab the bulls by the horns and look at it from the bright side.


4.What is his greatest regret?


One of his greatest regrets is about his education– he never did a semester or year abroad. He feels like he missed out on experiencing other cultures. Mr. Houchin thinks he would’ve picked Spain or somewhere like Belarus.


5.Which living person does he most despise?


Mr. Houchin doesn’t really despise anyone. He believes that everybody has merit, but there are people who have done bad things. Xi Jinping because of how he’s acted with covid and not saying patient zero, China has become strangely silent, it manipulates currency, and is building islands in South China Sea. Nicolas Maduro because of his dictatorship, and inflation.


6.What is his motto?


Nothing good comes out of waiting for something good to happen


You have to be actively in pursuit of goodness, putting in the time for what you care about is what makes success happen.


The hardest part of anything is getting started.