Q&A with Mr. King


King pictured as a coach of NHS water polo team

Ryan Bedard, staff writer

  1.  What is your First Memory? 

    Speaking to my dog when I was 10 years old.

  2.  What are you most proud of ?

    The end of this July where I negotiated with the school district to let teachers work virtually from their homes.

  3.  When and where were you most happiest ?

    Before the pandemic when I was able to go places and spend time with my friends.

  4. Who is someone that you admire most  ?

    Minga my rescue dog, because of how well she has overcome her hard past and how. she has grown into a loving and caring dog.

  5. Which talent would you most like to have?

    Better communication skills, like to grab and keep a crowd’s attention like someone. important giving a speech.

  6.  What is a trait you see in others that you wish you had ?


  7.  What is your greatest regret ?

    Not maintaining my Spanish skills.

  8.  What is your most treasured possession ?

    My two rescue dogs, they really complete my family.