Teen Girls create second-hand lovers dream world through instagram

Jadyn Oates, staff writer

Social media is a pretty negative place at the moment. Between the pandemic and politics, it just isn’t a very motivating place to be right now. However, if you stopped obsessing over those things and started realizing all of the amazing opportunities at our fingertips, you’d notice one of the most important positive impacts of Covid-19: Fashion!

Everyone is dressing better now, especially around my hometown. I don’t know if you all have noticed, but people around here are really finding their sense of style. How you ask? Instagram fashion accounts. Girls all over the five cities area (and obviously other places too) began creating Instagram accounts where they sell second-hand clothes, It’s like thrift-shopping, virtually.

Claire Perales-Duckworth (@_clairesscloset_) has been running her account for more than three months and explains that she is “really big on reducing carbon footprint” and buys the majority of the clothes she sells from second-hand stores. There are so many benefits to this little clothing community we’re building. We all have our favorite parts of it, but Claire’s is “making friends and seeing how there are tons of people that love thrifting not just me!”

Of course, it doesn’t just benefit the sellers; it has to benefit the buyers too. I asked Lily Edwards, a pretty regular customer of mine, a few questions about her feelings toward all this. She started buying from thrift accounts “this year when [she] was scrolling through Instagram and saw [my] account pop up” She prefers to buy second hand because “I don’t like the whole idea of waste and fast fashion so the fact that I’m able to get good items at a reasonable price just by looking at Instagram is perfect.” She also added that she “[doesn’t] have to go anywhere, since we’re still in a pandemic”

Thrifting and reselling provide a way for us thrift-aholics to feed our addiction without sacrificing our bank accounts, and a way for people to shop second hand from the comfort of their homes (or their friend’s house…or work…or literally anywhere.