Skating at the Rec DIY


A picture of Chris McNugget hitting a backside overcrook on one of the ramps

Sage Champion, staff writer

Skating in Nipomo is difficult, to say the least. If you’re trying to street skate, some business owners and homeowners will kick you out of a spot or call the police just for skating in front of their home, business, or school. The one place kids have to skate in Nipomo is the Rec DIY.


The Rec used to be an empty lot with a little kicker, and kids would go skate there to practice. There was basically nothing to do, and over time it got more popular, and a group of skaters called PhatPile started raising money to build things there to make it better. Way better.


Some locally famous skaters such as Chris Mcnugget with over 31k followers on Instagram come to skate there all the time. He says, “It’s definitely one of the top 10 best DIY skateparks in the United States.” He was one of the first people to start skating the Rec after school and helped transform the vacant lot into an amazing skate park.


But the Rec isn’t only locally famous, top-name professional skateboarders have traveled to Nipomo just to skate it. It has been featured in many YouTube and Instagram skate videos, including “ A showcase on the world’s largest skateboarding channel, Braille Skateboarding.”


Phatpile even throws what they call Phat Jams. This is basically a party where a band comes and people skate all day dressed in Halloween costumes. Then there is a big skate competition that they organized; prizes were even given to the winners and thrown in the middle of the park at the end for people to fight over. To wrap it all up at the end of the day, they pulled out a projector and watched footage they had skating there and other local places. It was great and really showed how the skating community can come together to make their own place to skate.