Profile Box Q&A (Joey Garcia)


Joey Garcia shooting a layup during an NHS basketball game

Nick Gonzalez, staff writer

  1. What sport do you play?

  • I play basketball.

  1. What is your favorite thing about playing that sport?

  • My favorite thing about playing basketball is traveling for tournaments.

  1. How old were you when you first started playing?

  • I think I was 6 years old when I first started playing.

  1. What are some challenges you have while playing? What is your weakness?

  • My weakness is being able to dunk, I can do it occasionally, but not every time yet.

  1. What team(s) do you play for? Travel and school team.

  • For travel, I play for 3ball, and for school, I play for Nipomo.

  1. Which one do you like better, travel or high school? Why?

  • I like high school better because you are playing for a league title and we won it last year.

  1. How much do you train for the sport you play?(How many hours a day)

  • I train about 3 to 4 hours a day, that includes practices and lifting weights.

  1. Do you feel like you have improved?

  • I feel like I have improved from last year and especially from the years before.

  1. Who is one person you look up to and want to play like?

  • I look up to Kevin Durant and want to be able to play like him.