Applying to College 2020 during Covid-19

Applying to College 2020 during Covid-19

O'Cean Hernandez, Staff Writer

The class of 2020 and 2021 were not prepared for such traumatic events as the infectious disease called Covid- 19. This year has put students in a pickle where everything from communication, future college plans, educational meetings, and school assignments are all online.

NHS College and Career Counselor Mrs. Trisha Oksner has noticed that “fewer students are asking for help with college and for classes they are currently in.” This causes problems in the students’ education. This new way of education is giving a lot of kids new ways to procrastinate on classwork or to not even show up for class. Oksner has also noticed that “this year there are more failing students than the previous year.” This pandemic has taken many opportunities away, especially for seniors.

The Nipomo High School senior counselor, Mrs. Hirase, has some input on this issue. As she feels sympathy for this year’s students, families, and other staff. This senior year Hirase noticed that “more are considering attending a community college now due to all the uncertainty.” She is not wrong for this “purple tier” being in full-blown effect, everything is shut down and the community is on lockdown. There is no official date for this to be lifted. No matter if it’s a community college or the big leagues, Universities. They will all be taught online and for some colleges, they are offering face to face classes with a small number of students a week. The safest bet is a community college and staying home where you’re surrounded by loved ones in this tough time while getting your education.

Oksner and Hirase are encouraging students to be safe and healthy and to focus on their curricular activities.

Nipomo High staff are trying their absolute best to give everyone help and guidance through this tough time. They all want their students to succeed in all aspects. “I recommend that students continue to work toward their goals.  I know things are chaotic right now, but this is temporary,” says Hirase.

Mrs. Oksner wants to help you succeed in all classes and to guide you to accomplish your goals and hardships. Need advice on what college to go to? Need help on what career to choose? Or need help in furthering any goal for your future? Email Mrs. Oksner ([email protected]) for any questions. There are plenty of chances to get and meet your goals for your High School career and such. There are virtual meetings with other counselors and teachers.