Last Of Us Review

Last Of Us Review

Evin Burrola, Staff Writer

“The Last Of Us” is a video game that is available on Playstation and PC. It’s a video game that is almost like a movie because of the intense story and insanely good graphics. 


This game is the best game I have ever played. I have played many games, but this one is the best because you build connections with the characters and learn people’s backstories which makes you understand everything so much better. This game also gives you so much satisfaction when you survive in certain parts and when you finally beat it you are still left thinking of what’s going to happen in the next game.


The other reason this game is so good is the graphics. The graphics grab the attention of the player and it makes you feel like you are there especially when you are wearing headphones. 

This game is about a zombie apocalypse but as you play, it seems your only enemy isn’t just the zombies. You have to do ANYTHING to survive and some parts of this game are very sad and others make you jump up and down in excitement. 


This game is an absolute roller coaster because one second you could be perfectly safe and the next second you’re being shot at or being chased by a zombie. This is one of those games that makes you flex every muscle in your body as your character is being chased from behind.  So if you don’t like playing games that jump scare you, then maybe this game isn’t for you. But if you enjoy the excitement and scary things, this game will be an amazing experience for you.


And if you don’t have a gaming system, you could also watch it on YouTube and still enjoy the game’s story.