Is “Criminal Minds” the right show for you?


Isabella Sparks, Staff Writer

The popular “Criminal Minds” TV Series aired from 2005-2020 with a total of 15 seasons and 324 episodes. Being a huge fan of the FBI profilers, I have seen every episode hundreds of times. This show gives viewers an inside look at how the FBI profiles and analyzes criminal minds. “Criminal Minds” deals with the most horrendous criminals and almost always brings them to justice.

The B.A.U (Behavioral Analysis Unit) is made up of Dr. Spencer Reid, Agent Jennifer Jareau, David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Emily Prentis, technical analysis Penelope Garcia, and Derek Morgan(Listed as pictured below left to right). The most consistent thing about this show is the family type relationship the team has. Episode after episode, there’s a new serial killer they have to stop. And throughout this, the main characters’ backgrounds and life outside the BAU come out.

You learn to love each character and the relationship they all share. All my favorite episodes are the ones about the main characters. Each character has their time to shine in an episode dedicated to them. Hotchner’s wife divorced him because he works too much and then a serial killer goes after his ex-wife and his toddler. Morgan gets accused of murder in his old home town, so the team has to look through his history to find out the truth of it all, Reid gets kidnapped and put on drugs which later becomes an addiction he has to struggle with. Prentis has a whole other life that the team has to dig through when an old enemy of hers comes back. JJ’s boyfriend gets kidnapped, and Garcia gets shot at one point. This show is full of twists and turns that make you have to keep watching.

Though this show has lots of love throughout the team, that is definitely not what the shows all about. This show gives you an inside look at the killer’s mind and has scenes of the killers doing terrifying acts, I wouldn’t recommend this show if you don’t like thrillers because that’s exactly what it is. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with a perfect mixture of terrifying, interesting, and entertaining.