Album Review: With Love 2

Album Review: With Love 2

O'Cean Hernandez, Staff Writer

His music was a mistake. I fumbled upon it during my weekly long runs, but it was a “mistake” that I will never regret spending my time on. Every lyric has me closing my eyes and thinking as if he knew exactly what I just experienced or what I thought. At times it had me crying, smiling, shaking my head, but above all feeling proud for what I have gone through.

He isn’t as known as Drake or other artists. But he talks about reality and isn’t so stuck on the basic concepts of sexualizing women, cussing, illegal substances, money, or a grander life. He’s a rapper who speaks on past experiences that his fans can relate to such as heartbreak, loss, respect, loyalty, love, depression, a life to live, etc.

The powerful waves of emotions can crush the daily demons you personally struggle with in secret. The prophetic poems that are written with such grace, admiration, and pain are what I will always remember about this specific artist. To be given motivation through just blaring his music and canceling out the world for a few minutes, or more.

The structure of his melody is influenced by Notorious BIG, Nipsey Hussle, and other great rappers of all time. Following their footsteps and stepping out of the norm, he sends a message to fans from all around the world, letting his listeners know that they aren’t alone in this long battle of “Life”.

Ever have those long days and you need to hear something that’ll get you through another day? Listen to the song called “Just Another Day” and push yourself to higher levels of success and happiness with a daily listen. Let the wide variety of songs speak to you, let it move you.

You may still not be able to guess a specific artist because there are a few with these descriptions that can be matched up. I’ll give you a hint with a verse: “ My only wish, my only goal Is that my music and these words guide you to be a much better person than I’ve ever been.” Still, have no idea who it is? His name is Marco Anthony Archer commonly known by his stage name Phora.

If you have never given his music a chance, please do. If my review hasn’t convinced you enough to be just as a fan as I am. Then just listen to his music for a few seconds and I guarantee you will be hooked. His music creeps up on you and soon you will notice yourself driving and vibing with his tune and closing your eyes and letting yourself feel the music in a mental and spiritual sense.

Give him a listen and you will see yourself adding his music to your daily playlists. It’s not your basic and normal rapper/ hip-hop artist he will definitely stand out from the others you listen to. Influenced by great artists and collaborating with well-known muses and upcoming artists. You will find a song for your liking, without a doubt.