Avatar: The Last Airbender


Sage Champion, Staff Writer

The title of the show says it all, “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” And in this hit show, the main character -Aang- the last of his people and also the avatar who can master all four of the elements goes on a grand adventure learning them all making friends and enemies along the way. He adventures with his friends Sokka and Katara who found him at the beginning of the show frozen in an iceberg. In the show, he’s still a teen even though he was frozen for about 100 years. This is obvious with his looks, but also his optimistic, cheerful attitude, which he maintains throughout the whole show.

But the show doesn’t only focus on Aang, it dives deeper into all of his friends and his past making audiences fall in love with all of them and their chemistry together. Aang’s whole goal is to stop the fire nation from taking over the world, but since he’s been frozen in ice so long, the whole world has forgotten about the avatar and think he’s only a myth.

The show changes when he learns about the avatar state, where he can access the knowledge of all the past avatars and master all the elements instantly. It gives him motivation and sends him on a path to learn them all himself without being in the avatar state so that he can confront the Firelord and save the world. Everyone needs to see this show if they haven’t already.

It’s perfect for kids and adults, and even though it’s a cartoon, they throw in some deep life lessons about respect, honor, and just being an overall good person.

The characters in this show still remind me of people I’m friends with today and I make a lot of parallels with the lessons I learn in real life and the ones I’ve seen in this show. It makes me think everyone should sit down and watch it at least once. I’m thinking about starting it for the fifth time just writing about it. It’s so popular you can find it everywhere online and now it’s even on Netflix if you have it. Now, go grab some snacks and get to watching.