Sizzlingogi: Korean BBQ

Silvia Garcia Bustos, Staff Writer

Who doesn’t love food? Despite Covid causing a wide variety of businesses to shut down again, a lot of restaurants have had to close due to the fact they are a dine-in restaurant.

Before Covid, one of my favorite restaurants to eat at was Sisslingogi. It is a Korean BBQ Restaurant in Santa Maria. They are an all you can eat /self cook restaurant. Self cook? Yes, you are offered a variety of different courses that all have different types of meats you can choose from, and whatever course you choose is all you can eat.

They also offer a variety of sides and condiments to add to your meat as well as steamed rice. One of my personal favorite sides to order is a steamed egg. It complements the rice and meat very well. Sislingogi also offers sides like  Kimchi pancakes, Kimchi is a paste offered as a condiment but is also used to make a pancake that has a savory taste that goes along with delicious chili oil.

Sislingogi does offer pre-cooked meats such as pork, spicy pork, beef, and chicken bulgogi. They also offer desserts such as homemade ice creams such as vanilla, red bean, plum, white wine, and green tea. I personally enjoy the red bean it kind of reminds me of pistachio flavored ice cream.

I’ve had the opportunity to try Korean BBQ restaurants  In Los Angeles and in Santa Barbara, but I only seem to enjoy the one in Santa Maria. They provide good service every time I go, as well as a consistency that always draws people back. Sislingogi has always been known to have a wait around dinner time, but clients are willing to wait to be able to enjoy some delicious Koren BBQ. However, if you don’t like to wait, lunch is a perfect time to enjoy Sislingogi which is right around the time they open at 12 PM.

When choosing restaurants, I always pay attention to those factors and Sisilingogi has always left me satisfied. It isn’t only a meal you get to have, but you gain an experience that no other restaurants give. That draws one back every time for another bite.