The Reality of Perfect Blue

A depicted scene from the film

A depicted scene from the film

Josh Costa, Staff Writer

Are you really who you portray yourself over the internet, or is everything a false identity? Are you sure the person you say you are is you? “Perfect Blue” is a Japanese film released in 1997. The premise of the story is Mima, the main character, is a semi-popular J-Pop singer and she leaves that to become a full-time actress, but she experiences many problems on her way up to fame.

This movie’s genres are psychological, drama, and horror. I think this movie fills these genres perfectly. I didn’t find it as scary as a typical horror movie; however, this movie was mentally terrifying. For example, through the movie the crazy fans and her contemplating on who she truly is was gut-wrenching. This is where the psychological genre comes in — this is where it makes you think a lot and will definitely make you feel deeply during and after the movie.

This movie is easily the most thought-provoking movie I have ever seen. There is a lot of implicit depth which I love because it makes you think and makes the movie almost have infinite interpretations. I felt like I was a part of this movie from the beginning with how much it made me want to analyze each scene.

One thing I truly love about this movie is the animation style. It’s an anime but the animation style is extremely realistic. The guys and girls aren’t drawn as over dramatically pretty or handsome characters. The animation and colors fit in well with its realistic themes and atmosphere. The tone is beautifully set because of this and doesn’t take away the experience.

This movie brings up issues of identity and the dark side of the internet and the industry of becoming famous. Mima is portrayed as a perfect singer by all her fans on the internet, so when she goes through a drastic change she is said to be an impostor. She is stalked and goes through traumatic experiences for trying to make her dreams come true. The whole story is told from Mima’s perspective, and we see this as her social life is being mixed with her personal life.

The characters in this movie are amazing. These characters and Mima and her “fake personality” have an amazing dynamic. Mima is always chasing her “old self” while continuing down the path of her future.

Although I love this movie, I don’t recommend it to everyone. This movie is an amazing story and the message it holds is great; however, it is very inappropriate for some audiences and can be seen as disturbing. This movie is also very intricate and can get quite a lot of viewers confused if you aren’t looking deep into it. With that all aside, I believe this movie is one of the best pieces of fiction in terms of a movie. The pacing is extremely well done and each moment has you on your feet.