Avila Beach, the Beach with History


Avila Beach in 2021

Ryan Bedard, Staff Writer

When someone mentions California, what do you think of first: a blazing sun, redwood or palm trees, or the beaches? Now there is a lot of California far from the ocean, but it’s hard to not visualize the ocean when thinking about California.


 The Central Coast of California is home to many great beaches. The town of Avila Beach was established in 1842  when Miguel Avila requested a land grant from the Mexican government which included the land Avila is on today, and it acted as the main shipping port for San Luis Obispo.


 Avila Beach still has a working commercial fishing pier which is great for catch and release fishing, or you can keep your fish and clean and gut them at the cleaning station provided by the pier.


Those fishing can expect to catch some white croaker (kingfish) and some Pacific mackerel (blue mackerel). It’s important to note fishing off the pier does not require a fishing license.


Avila’s sand area is only  6.23 mi² making it good for a short beach walk but is shorter than other beaches. But Avila also has an all dogs allowed beach so you can bring your pets along for the beach trip.


 The typical wave size for Avila beach is 3-5 feet, so large wave-seeking surfers may not be satisfied, but perfect for swimmers. The Avila Beach exit on the 101 freeway is easily accessed and the roads are maintained making it no problem to get to. There is also a local kayak and paddleboard rental shop (Avila Beach Paddlesports) located just next to the beach.


Considering all these factors plus the old history behind Avila, the local restaurants to choose from, and the popular Bob Jones trail leads you right into town.