Promotional poster for C.A.L.M.

Silvia Garcia Bustos, Staff Writer

If we were to think of everything we have been through in 2020, would we consider any of it to be peaceful?

Distance learning has caused a Jurassic change in our education and the way we are learning. However, many students used after-school resources to help push themselves forward. Despite our current situation, there are still ways to be able to have and find support during this time.

C.A.L.M. is an after-school virtual school social-emotional group for students. This program allows students to destress from school, develop positive support groups, and meet new friends.

This program also will “dive deep into relationship challenges teens face today.” It also will allow participants to become a “role model to peers and your family.” C.A.L.M. will also have plenty of fun games and even prizes to engage in during the course of the program.

This program runs every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 virtually, via Zoom. They began in September and will run through December 15th. C.A.L.M  is a 12-week long support group for 9th through 12th graders. C.A.L.M. recommends that it is best if you attend all 12- sessions to get the most out of the experience.” They also do hold make-up sessions; those dates and times are still to be determined.

C.A.L.M Is a beneficial and instructional support group that is willing to help whoever is willing to receive it. C.A.L.M is still accepting RSVPs from anyone who wants to join the program. They are more than ready to help you with any guidance you might need during these times.