Best Golf Around


Shot of the fairway at the Monarch Dunes golf course

Evin Burrola, Staff Writer

Golf is one of the most expensive sports in the world, and if you are spending money to play it you would want to get the best experience possible right? There are so many golf courses in San Luis Obispo county, but there is one in particular that stands out amongst the rest.

Monarch Dunes golf course has a great community and you are always greeted and welcomed. They have so many things to offer at Monarch Dunes that you won’t get anywhere else.


For example, there is a great restaurant that you can order from while you are playing and then swing by and pick it up and resume playing. They have a driving range, two putting greens, 18 hole course (main course), and the challenge course.


The challenge course is what makes Monarch Dunes really stand out because it is a 12 hole course made for beginners and is much shorter than the main course. Many people I know that are experienced golfers also enjoy this course a lot.


They also have the best greens and fairways. You are not just paying to play but you are paying to see the stunning landscape that this course was made on. You get to see tall trees, beautiful homes, and get to enjoy all of the course with some of your best friends.

Jack Wellenkamp, who works for the course, said “Monarch Dunes is my first job and I couldn’t ask for a much better one than this, I love golf and the people here are always so polite.”


Cameron Cena, a greenskeeper, added “I love working here because I feel like it’s my second home when I’m out here.”


Monarch Dunes has so much to offer and has made so many golfers happy. If you ever wanna go golfing you should totally head over to Monarch Dunes and play a round of golf with some family or friends, trust me you wont regret it.