Top Five Places to Watch the Sunset


An image from terrace hill overlooking a beautiful sunset-lit San Luis Obispo skyline.

Jadyn Oates, Staff Writer

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is grab some friends, find a cool spot, and watch the sunset. Over my high school years, I’ve created quite a collection of places to watch the sunset myself. Below are the absolute five best places to watch the sunset on the central coast.


5. Walmart Parking Lot

I know this sounds weird, but trust me. The perfect date night (whether platonic or romantic) is getting some In-N-Out, parking at the edge of the Walmart parking lot, and watching the sunset together. My boy and I do it weekly.


4. Nipomo Bluffs

This one is kind of up for interpretation. “The bluffs” is a wide area, with a lot of sunset spots to pick from. It’s definitely fun to explore.


3. Pirate’s Cove

Pirate’s cove is one of the coolest places around here and I think we are so lucky to have access to it. I’m not going to tell you how cool it is because you’ve probably already been there, and if you haven’t you need to go right now, tonight. Text your friends, you’ve got plans now.


2. Boosinger Park

Boosinger Park is at the top of Wadsworth Avenue in Pismo Beach. Climb over the rocks past the park a little bit and you’ll come up to a really pretty view of downtown Pismo. Watching the sunset then playing in the park once it goes down is a good time, I have references.


1. The SLO Bluffs Trailhead

This link will take you to the parking lot. You walk down the trail a little way and hop the fence to get to a little clearing, it is the most beautiful, secluded view of the sunset I’ve seen, I very highly recommend going here, even by yourself. It’s breathtaking at sunset.


If you don’t think you’re a sunset person, or I haven’t convinced you yet that this is worth your time, then I’m here to hit you with some stats. Admiring the sunset, as well as other aspects of nature has been proven to have many good effects on human beings. It can ease your emotional well-being, grow your sense of empathy and generosity, and overall help you with satisfaction in life. A study conducted by Jia Wei Zhang, from The University of California at Berkeley, found that watching sunsets will not only make you feel better emotionally but will help make you a better person for others too. Get up and go look at the sky.

Honorable Mentions

  • Avila Ridge Trail

  • Shell Beach

  • Point Sal

  • Oso Flaco

  • Madonna Mtn.

  • Montana De Oro

  • Terrace Hill