Senior Athletes Losing Hope of a Senior Season


Pictured NHS basketball atheletes (left to right – Gianni Hart; Daren Sosa; Rudy Garibay; Joey Garcia; Nick Gonzalez)

Rudy Garibay, Staff Writer

Will these senior athletes get a senior season? With football having a canceled season, a lot of seniors already lost hope of a senior season.


This school year has been different and has been difficult for many students. But with seniors being their last year, they are suffering the most. No senior activities, including a very important part of senior year, SPORTS!


No sport has had a normal season, with new guidelines because of Covid coaches are limited to what they can have students do at practice. With Covid cases rising as well, there is a good chance “close contact” sports will not even have a season.


With boys basketball coming back from a league championship, the seniors were hoping to make a statement this year, having a goal to make a statement entering the new Mountain League before ending their high school season.


“I am actually very bummed out that we probably won’t get one but I look back on all the memories we had and I will always be glad we made them,” explained last year’s Ocean League MVP Daren Sosa. Students like Daren Sosa will miss the memories of the team bond the most but will definitely miss the season.


Some senior students actually felt like they had something to prove and they will not be able to prove themselves. “It sucks since it’s our last year and we were hoping to defend our league title by winning another one,” Senior Gianni Hart explains.


“I actually feel very frustrated about it. It’s difficult knowing that I may not be able to play a game my senior year especially after working so hard to get my ACL back into good shape after tearing it last year,” Clarissa Simonson explains her frustration.  She was hoping to really play this year after not playing the whole season last year.


All seniors will be affected in different ways from clubs to sports. Athletes will take a big hit though missing all the memories they were hoping to make as well as not being able to prove themselves in their final senior year. There is still slim hope for some sports, but with almost no chance of sports coming back, some seniors will miss all they were hoping for!