Nipomo’s Most Delicious Restaurants


Taqueria Silva late at night on a rainy day

Sage Champion, Staff Writer

If you live in Nipomo, you know there aren’t many stores at all, let alone restaurants, but there are a few that are so good I could live off of them. Not only are they delicious, but basically all of them are owned by people who live locally, so every time you go, you’re supporting your own community.


The fifth best restaurant in Nipomo on the list is La Placita. Now if you live in Nipomo and have been there, you know it’s a market with a butchery and small restaurant in the back. The little restaurant is amazing. I always just get carne asada tacos, and it’s super cheap and delicious.


The fourth best restaurant is Me’n’Eds. It’s the only restaurant on this list that’s a chain, but I think it still deserves to be on the list because it feels local. The ingredients taste fresh, the crust will knock your socks off, and if you’re getting delivery, it always comes really fast. This is one of the only pizza places in Nipomo besides Dominos and Little Caesars, and it’s way better than both of those places by far. Their pizza does cost a bit more than most of the other restaurants on the list.


My third favorite restaurant in Nipomo is California Grill. This is a locally owned restaurant that makes classic stuff like burgers and fries, fish and chips, tri-tip sandwiches, and my personal favorite, their handmade milkshakes. Since it’s local, the staff is always the same family, and they’re all super friendly. When covid wasn’t going on, it was also a sweet spot to eat and watch sports without that many people. They offer free wifi too.


The second best restaurant in Nipomo is Agave Grill. It’s an awesome little local Mexican restaurant and everything on the menu is amazing. Normally, I just get an asada burrito or tacos because their burritos are massive, but recently I tried their chile verde, and it was the best. This restaurant is number two for me mostly because it’s consistently good. I’ve never gone there and been disappointed, and I would recommend it to everyone.


Finally, The best restaurant in Nipomo isn’t a restaurant at all, and also it’s barely in Nipomo, but I had to count it because I love it so much. Taqueria Silva — A taco truck on the road in between Santa Maria and Nipomo, next to the freeway on-ramp right in front of the bridge. They have two dollar tacos, asada fries, nachos, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese, sopas, and of course, amazing burritos. Every time I go I’m never disappointed. Everything about it is perfect, especially their hot salsa. Everyone that goes in or past Nipomo going south needs to make a quick stop to pick up some food here.