Nipomo’s fall sports canceled, but new hope for spring sports



Nipomo High School cross country athletes

Daren Sosa, Staff Writer

Due to the rates of Covid-19 increasing, most fall sports have been completely canceled and are not in play.

Over the three-week winter break for the Christmas holidays, almost all of California was in the purple tier which is the worst for Covid-19 areas.

These past months between January and February Covid-19 vaccines have been shipped to the medical hospitals and people have been getting them done. This has now brought down the rates of Covid-19 in California that is one step closer in the right direction.

Some Nipomo High School athletic teams have been affected.

¨Practices are going well, very steady and coaches are teaching us the basics so we can be better. Some drills we’re doing are medicine ball workouts, everyday ground balls, and pop fly priorities. The adjustments in my opinion are good because they’re taking precautions in order to keep us healthy and safe and to give us a better chance of having a season,” said Victor Ortiz, varsity athlete.


¨So far our season has just been practice. And this year our practices are more focused on speed than distance. Last year’s practice would have been a 6-10 mile run and core work. Now it’s things like pyramid workouts and Fartlek workouts and repeats ex. Like 3×1600 with 1 min rest,” said Jasiel Gutierrez, varsity cross country athlete.


¨It’s a bummer that our seniors don’t get to play their last year, they’ve waited years for their senior night. We were working every day hoping for a season but unfortunately didn’t get one. It’s sad and frustrating for all of us. The best memory I have played volleyball the past 3 years was by far our pump-up jams in the locker room before we ran out. we all were getting hyped up and ready and it was just always a time to look forward to on game days,” said Leah Miller, varsity volleyball athlete.