Distance Learning Highs and Lows

Isabella Sparks, Staff Writer

Jadyn Oates’ family taught me about “highs and lows” every night at dinner. They would go around the table from oldest and youngest and you’d share your best and worst moment of the day.

What would students say about their “highs and lows” of online learning?

Most people’s favorite thing about distance learning is the schedule. Keaton Banta, a senior at NHS, said “The best thing about distance learning is having long breaks between classes that give us time to work on assignments.”

Another senior, Carly Kruak, said something similar. “I think the best thing about distance learning is having an easy pace when it comes to school work/ classwork. I think having a particular amount of time during distance learning gives students time to get assignments done at their own pace,” she said.

Most students believe the best thing about distance learning is having asynchronous work time. It’s beneficial for students to be able to have that time to work on assignments.

The lows of distance learning from multiple students is the “lack of an immediate helpline when I’m confused,” Keaton Banta said. And Carly Krauk said something similar: “I think the worst part of distance learning would be no association between teachers and students. I feel as if it is extremely unfortunate that this is something that’s occurring.”

It seems that it would be beneficial to have some sort of way to be able to ask a question whenever, there’s also a huge lack of interaction between students and teachers. “I would love to see students back in classes, so there is an interaction between the students and the teachers. I feel that this is something that is lagging this year,” Krauk stated. Rashed Kadir agrees; he said, “More student participation would be beneficial.”

Coleman Brown, NHS senior also said attending class in his own room “is a lot easier to get distracted than at a school setting.” Everyone is anxious to get back in the classroom but seeking out the highs and lows of online learning could be beneficial to grow while we’re stuck like this.