Titans Football Season Underway


Shelby Reese

Nate Reese lining up on offense during a game against Morro Bay in the 2019 season

Daren Sosa, Staff Writer

All of the winter and fall sports were officially canceled in early February. Then the covid-19 rates have gone down significantly, and all those sports will be in play in the upcoming weeks.

Nipomo athletes have been really excited and hyped up for this upcoming season; they have been preparing all year long and are ready to get back on the field.

¨I expect us to go out there on game day and have fun and do everything 100% and not second guess our steps. Our biggest challenge is having a lot of players playing both sides of the ball and not having a lot of backups,¨ said Victor Ortiz, varsity football athlete.

¨Practices could be difficult at times, we’re learning new plays every day and our team is working really hard to get better every day,¨ said Elijah Ojeda, varsity football athlete.

¨I definitely think the first game is us getting used to all the different rules and how there won’t be as many fans at the games but towards the end, we’ll be used to it. The biggest challenge for us during practice has been trying to get all of our plays we need before the first game and getting the defense ready as well,¨ said Nate Reese Varsity football athlete.

With all of the new sports restrictions, the football games will most likely be live-streamed or have limited in-person attendance.