Emma Litvinchuk Wins National Honor


Photo courtesy of Emma Litvinchuk

Ray Bardo, Staff Writer

Emma Litvinchuk, a senior at Nipomo High School, won the National Renaissance Student of the Month award.


Emma has always been the student to go out of her way for others no matter what. She strives to make everyone feel super welcome and is always coming up with new ways to get people more connected in our Titan community. Even this year when nobody was allowed on campus, Emma continued to put forth in making students feel included. Emma “has been an integral part of keeping our Titan family connected, even at a distance,” says Mrs.Cervantez.


Emma has been involved with Renaissance for about two years now. In just that amount of time, she made a huge impact on our students, schools, and community by using what she learned in the classroom to help others. Her dedication and willingness “to go above and beyond and put in the hours to create a place everyone feels included and accepted” is why we love Emma, says Mrs. Cervantez.


Not only has Renaissance impacted Nipomo High School, but her own well-beingEmma  as well. She knows herself a little better now and on the other hand, knows how to communicate and help others better too. It has helped “broaden my perspective of myself and of others,” says Emma; “ Renaissance has overall made me more aware of what I can do to improve myself and of what I can do for others to make their high school experience the best that it can be.”  She takes what she learns from her leadership classes and instills it in the other students.


Winning this national honor is an accomplishment. Her hard work has paid off and she was recognized at a national level. “You can’t walk away from her without a smile on your face. Our Titan pride wouldn’t be the same without her spirit, dedication, and passion,” said Mrs. Cervantez.