The Education System Needs Change

Isabella Sparks, Staff Writer

About more than half of the people I know who are graduating and preparing for their future still have no clue what they want to do with their lives. I believe if the education system was styled differently it could have the opportunity to teach students so many more vital life skills rather than just the curriculum at hand. At least 11th and 12th grade should be a different type of schooling than what we’ve experienced the last 12 years. We spend all this time learning everything in every topic, trying to soak in as much information.

In the article “What Students Are Saying About How to Improve American Education” by, The New York Times, students state “School has become a place where we just do work, stress, and repeat but there has been nothing changed. We can’t learn what we need to learn because we are constantly occupied with unnecessary work that just pulls us back…at this point, it’s not even the grades I’m worried about. It feels like once we’ve graduated high school, we’ll be sent out into the world clueless and unprepared. I know many college students who have no idea what they’re doing, as though they left home to become an adult but don’t actually know how to be one.” It seems most students are not happy with the education system as it is and feel completely unprepared for their future.

What if the 11th and 12th grades were more to prepare you for your future? Classes on how to pay bills, invest in a stock, buy houses, anything to prepare us better than how we are. What if those years taught us basic survival things such as how to change a tire or jump-start a car? The writers of the article, “The Objective of Education is Learning Not Teaching” from the “Knowledge at Wharton” explain how ”In the educational process, students should be offered a wide variety of ways to learn, among which they could choose or with which they could experiment. They do not have to learn different things the same way.” A new type of school could include classes for dentistry, veterinary science, visual performing arts, criminology. But not as electives, as the last couple years of high school to help you really prepare for what you want to do, and also let you have more experiences to have a better idea, rather than having no clue.

There would most likely have to be some of our usual courses but if so, could have them specific to real-life work. A newspaper or journalism class for English, engineering or graphics for math, art history, and marine biology or anatomy for science. There are so many other ideas and I know here at NHS we have some of those options, but let’s consider a whole other school for 11-12th grade: after the 10 years of learning, sitting behind a desk, and listening, we could actually try out all these future possible career paths to better be prepared for the next huge step we take after graduation.