Mobile Phones: the #1 Danger to Human Interaction

Ryan Bedard, Staff Writer

If you were to close your eyes and imagine a social environment, like a restaurant or your local shopping center, you most likely wouldn’t imagine everyone staring at their phones.

 But this is our troubling reality. More than ever people are on their phones or if not, just that they are discussing something to do with their phones like their most recent favorite TikTok or a funny meme on Instagram.

 Most people find this kind of behavior harmless, but it has lots of negative effects especially on young impressionable children.

Many restaurants are often filled with families at lunch or dinner conversing about their day while eating their meal, but some rely on mobile devices to either keep children civil or all of the members are just busy browsing their phones.

 In a study done by Nutrisystems, one in three Americans browse their phone while eating and 72% of Americans even enjoy watching television more than talking with their family.

This is especially true with the millennial population.

 This absolutely requires a call to action. We have to teach the younger populations how to communicate in person as soon as we can, so we can forge a new outlook on how and when devices should be used.

Even the very companies that supply many Americans with their phones recommend phone etiquette, and they have valid advice to everyone concerned with their phone usage.

 These lessons would be better taught at our local elementary schools because, in this new age of technology, phone manners are now becoming basic manners, like covering your face with your arm while you sneeze or saying please and thank you.

 Younger people shouldn’t have to look up an article related to phone manners, they should be taught these manners by their parents and teachers.

I feel with these new learning systems we could better prepare ourselves and new generations because we don’t want this irregular behavior becoming the new normal.

Human interaction is what brings us together especially in times like this pandemic, so now is not the time to drift apart and indulge in our devices.

We can only hope the future holds a better place and environment for the next generation and we can help by providing these classes and lessons about phone etiquette.