Driving slow? Please move over.


Picture of the 101 freeway along the Pismo Coastline

Sage Champion, Staff Writer

Picture this,  it’s a beautiful day– birds chirping, not a cloud in the sky. You and your friends want to go enjoy it on the beach, so you get them all rounded up, get in the car, and everyone’s excited. Right as you turn to get onto the freeway, you see it’s all backed up bumper to bumper going 45mph in the passing lane.

Or you just get off a long day at work, you can’t wait to go home just to sit down and finally eat some dinner, but yet again, the second you turn onto the freeway, you’re completely stopped, going 5mph in both lanes. Situations like these cause road rage, unnecessary crashes, and ruin driving for people who typically enjoy it; slow driving needs to end. Please just move over. 

“It’s not the speed on the highway that kills as much the weaving in and out of traffic, which is caused by people who impede the flow of traffic,” said state representative of Tennessee Dan Howell in the New York Times article “Speed Up, Slowpoke, Or get a Ticket,” after passing a bill for harsher punishments for people driving slowly on the freeway. Some people argue that they shouldn’t have to get over for people zooming down the freeway at 100mph because it’s not safe, but it’s less safe to have people zooming down the freeway at 100mph having to dodge people, swerving in and out of lanes because people don’t want to get over. If they were just allowed to fly past you, the police can just pull them over. It’s not a citizen’s job to stop somebody from speeding. 

Motorists.org- a website run by an organization that lobbies for safer driving and fewer restrictions- has a list of benefits if people did what they called “lane courtesy.” Lane courtesy is basically moving over or yielding to move over for faster traffic in the passing lane. If everyone did that, the four main benefits would be the following: Everyone would be less likely to be in an accident because the people who like to go faster wouldn’t have to weave in and out of traffic to go the speed they want. Everyone driving on the freeway would get better gas mileage because most of the gas is used accelerating and if there is less congestion on the freeway, people will have to accelerate less. This will also allow people to get to their destination faster overall and nobody will have to deal with road rage which is a high cause of accidents. 

Traffic is caused in one way or another by someone driving slowly in the fast lane. This just makes a train of people doing the same thing, while people who want to go faster have to wait for gaps to pass, which is unsafe and causes road rage. If you notice a car right behind you in the fast lane, just move over; it will save everyone time, mental heartache, and maybe someone who thought they would be late to work made it on time because of your kindness.