Last Chance U Basketball


Promo image with the first season’s team from Last Chance U’s Basketball series

Nick Gonzalez, Staff Writer

“They need love the most when they deserve it the least.” -East Los Angeles Huskies Coach Mosley


Last Chance U Basketball was filmed in 2019-2020 and it came out on Netflix in March 2021. It was created by Greg Whiteley and directed by Adam Leibowitz and Daniel George McDonald.


It is about a junior college basketball team in East los Angeles. It shows their games and practices for the whole season, and it showed what it was like to play for that team. The series focuses on the ELAC players and how they’re hustling toward a state championship that will help them get into Division 1 universities.  There are also a lot of interviews with the players, and they talked about their past lives, and how they grew up, and where they came from, and even people that they have lost in their lives who really changed their lives.


They all have different backgrounds on how they got to ELAC. Some have been to Division 1 schools, but got bumped from their programs and are looking for a path back to a four-year college. Some even went to jail and are trying to straighten back their life and reach their goals of playing for a Division 1 school and hopefully pro.


The filmmakers aren’t just at the practices and the games, they literally go everywhere with the players and coaches– they are sometimes in the classrooms with the players, at the players’ houses or dorms, in the film room, in the locker room. They’re everywhere.


The head coach, Coach Mosley is a crazy guy, but he is a really great coach and knows a lot about the game of basketball. Sometimes he literally goes crazy; sometimes he shows the players what to do, and then he does it himself, like he would drive on the ground, sprint to places. He does whatever he can to try and make his players the best they can be. He is also very loud and yells a lot, and sometimes he yells so much that he turns red and sweaty.


“Sometimes all you need is a second chance because time wasn’t ready for the first one.”