Football Wins League


Nate Reese at QB for the Titans in a season away game

Daren Sosa, Staff Writer

Although this was the craziest year for school, sports seasons also were really hectic. One of the most exciting and exhilarating sports to watch has sadly come to end. With short seasons due to covid regulations, no CIF games will be played.


With the football season ending, some athletes are completely done with sports, and others will switch to other sports for the remainder of the year. Players who are seniors are disappointed because the season was so short, but they’re also happy that they had the experience.


¨ It made me realize how fast 4 years can go by and that as soon as you have an opportunity take it Bcs there might not be another chance,¨ said Victor Ortiz, varsity football athlete


¨My favorite memory was winning the league, and I wish we just had playoff games because I wanted more games in general,¨ said Nate Reese, varsity football athlete.


¨We faced a lot of adversity, and we were considered the underdogs, and we’re only projected to win one game. But we overcame that and ended up being league champs,¨ said Elijah Ojeda, varsity football athlete.