Who is the Unwanted Guest?

Book cover for An Unwanted Guest

Book cover for An Unwanted Guest

Isabella Sparks, Staff Writer

My favorite thing about a murder mystery movie, book, or T.V show is that you can try to solve the murder throughout the story. A great example of this is “An Unwanted Guest,” a New York Times bestseller by Shari Lapena, who also has several other popular mysteries.

This intriguing book starts by introducing all 10 guests as they make their way to an isolated hotel right before the peak of a snowstorm. Two girls came for a trip trying to distract one from her PTSD; one older couple was looking to rekindle their love for each other (one of them thought at least); another couple recently engaged and looking to have a trip to take a break from wedding planning; the last couple just enjoying a trip to the snow together, an elderly woman who’s working on a novel; and a criminal defense lawyer who was looking to get so time alone and enjoy a vacation.

All these people didn’t realize how bad the snow would be and all are strangers to each other, now trapped in this small hotel that’s out of power. The only staff being there areAn  the owner and his young adult son. Once the book gives you a little insight into each character, one of the guests is found dead at the bottom of the main staircase. The remaining guests originally think it must be an accident, but the defense attorney stays the scene proves otherwise, making everyone on their toes. The story goes on, people being murdered by the day and every guest is terrified not knowing who it is and what to do.

As you read you feel as if you’re there with them, confused and guessing who the killer is. Guests start dying off, and you’re stuck in complete shock, needing to keep reading to find out more. I am not a big reader and don’t read very often, but this book didn’t leave my hands for two days except when I worked. I managed to finish it in that time. This is a fantastic read, and I recommend it to any murder mystery novel lover.