Saving Private Ryan


Movie poster for Saving Private Ryan

Evin Burrola, Staff Writer

Most everyone really enjoys action movies, but when the action movie is based on a true story it makes it so much more exciting. Steven Spielberg directed Saving Private Ryan, which is based on the true story of the Niland brothers: Edward, Preston, Robert, and Frederick from New York. The movie is about a group of soldiers trying to save the last brother alive Private Ryan (Fredrick Niland) in the war and bringing him back home to his mother. Steven Spielberg decided to direct this movie as a tribute to his father, Arnold Spielberg who fought in WWII.

Saving Private Ryan is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. This movie was a thrill of action and was very sad and hard to watch in some parts. Steven Spielberg directed this movie to show us what war really was like, which you really got a good look at how terrible it really was, especially during the first 24 minutes of the movie during the D-day scene. Some people think the D-day scene was way too gruesome and disturbing, but I think it’s just showing what really happened and how so many soldiers died on this day. This scene reminds us to be grateful for what they did and what they went through.

Tom Hanks plays Captain Miller. He fits this role perfectly and really capitalized on what it was like being a captain in a war like this. In one scene when they were taking a rest in a church, Captain Miller was talking about how his men died and he said he “kills his own men.” It’s tough it was being a captain because you tell them what to do and sometimes your decisions can get people killed.

Every person should watch Saving Private Ryan because it can teach you so much and you can learn a lot about the history of WWII. If I were to rate this movie on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to give it a 10.