Back On the Floor

Rudy Garibay, Staff Writer

Since Covid hit, sports have been on hold for a while, but a sport that was really pushed back was basketball. With no practicing or playing over a year, the team was just trying to stay in shape on their own. Some even lost hope of the season and didn’t pick up a ball for a while.


With basketball being gone for so long and Covid-19 being present, gyms were not open for people to shoot and rent out. Now things have changed. A lot of the players are very glad to finally be back inside and not having to shoot on any outside courts. ”It feels good to be back in the gym since I have been playing outside on messed-up courts for a while,” exclaimed senior Joey Garcia.


Since basketball returned to action, the team is glad to be back together on the court playing with each other. The basketball team only had about a month and a half of practice before their first game, but that really didn’t affect their success. They won that first game 75-46 against Santa Ynez.


The team just clicked again. Some of them have been playing together since elementary school. “It feels awesome to be back and play one last year with my guys; some that I’ve actually been playing with since 2nd grade,” said senior shooting guard Gianni Hart. He’s a starter who missed the game that he’s been playing all his life.


“It feels really good to be back. It felt super long not being able to play, but I’m really glad we are able to actually play. Especially for being a senior, one last time playing with the friends I love,” said Daren Sosa, senior point guard. Sosa has big dreams with basketball, and he plans to hopefully play in college, so this year is very important for him.


All the basketball players have high expectations coming into this season. There will be a lot of obstacles to get through. Some players didn’t get enough time to get in shape, so there might be a lot of tired players out there. Another challenge they are facing is since they won the league last year, they moved to a more challenging league, and now they are playing the top tier teams, including the defending champs St.Joseph’s, who are actually predicted to go undefeated this season.