Nipomo D.I.Y Skatepark “The Rec” To Be Demolished For A New Nipomo Shopping Center

Photo from KEYT local news of the Nipomo Rec skate park being demolished

Photo from KEYT local news of the Nipomo Rec skate park being demolished

Sage Champion, Staff Writer

Everyone in Nipomo has driven past it; some saw it as an ugly vacant lot; some people thought it was just a place where trash and homeless people collected. But those people would be terribly mistaken, and it’s saddening seeing the local newspaper write about it like that when it’s clear those reporters never been there. The Rec was a D.I.Y skate spot, built over the years by the hands of local people who had nowhere else to go.


Not only did it cost thousands of dollars to pour the cement, but it also took years to build. The Rec had a tight community of local skaters from the surrounding area who didn’t have anywhere else to skate. Also since some people were so good, this spot became well known, and people from top brands like Thrasher and the Braille skate team came to film there as well as a plethora of skating YouTubers.


It was also a home for many graffiti artists who preferred not doing illegal pieces on local buildings, and it was beautiful. They had a whole mural on the wall and even honored a skater who passed away just down the street in a hit and run, Matt Diaz. It’s sad to see The Rec go because the long-promised Nipomo skatepark is nowhere to be seen. Most skaters have to travel all the way to San Luis Obispo or risk getting kicked out of street spots. Everyone gathered at The Rec on the last day for a long day of barbecuing and skating and some skaters even came in the morning to watch it get taken down and take a small piece of cement to commemorate all the hard work.


Many of the skaters have moved on and still find ways to skate together, but personally, I haven’t skated since it’s been taken down just because I have nowhere to go that’s not at least 25 minutes away. Hopefully, the Nipomo parks and recreation will get together and finally build the skatepark they’ve promised.