Mrs. Leek Finds Inspiration in Books (and Target)

Staff Picture of Mrs. Leek from the NHS website

Staff Picture of Mrs. Leek from the NHS website

Sara Relyea, Staff Writer

For some people, Mrs. Leek is just another ASB face around school or just another teacher showing you the rights and wrongs of life as a teenager. But for me and almost 20 other girls from either Stunt or Cheerleading know Mrs. Leek as “Coach.” Here are ten thighs that she can’t live without:


  1. Coffee

Like anyone, coffee is how they start their day to wake up and to stay awake for the rest or duration of the day. Her favorite kind of coffee is a nice hot cup of drip coffee with Hazelnut creamer. Sometimes if she’s feeling alike more special that morning or afternoon she’ll make or get an Iced Caramel Macchiato from either home or McDonald’s.


  1. Dogs

  She has two dogs that are both Husky Shepard Mixes. Their names are Kai and Nala.   She said her dogs “are so cute and give me kisses.”


  1. Iced Tea

When she isn’t having coffee, she indulges in a nice glass of Iced Black Tea. She said that she makes it because she “craves it.”


  1. Family

She has four younger sisters and she is the oldest of them. She said, “I’m thankful to have them and love them more than anything.” Family to her is a great big part of her life.


  1. Sweatshirt

For some people, a security blanket is something that they have had ever since they were kind and for others, it was something that a loved one has given them. But for Mr. Leek, the only thing that she would proudly give the title of the “security blanket” to would be none other than her CSULB sweatshirt from her college.


  1. Blanket

Mrs. Leek can never get warm enough; she’s always cold she said. When it’s freezing out, soft and fluffy blankets will do the job just fine.


  1. Chapstick

Dry lips like everyone, get annoyed by the fact they can never be smooth lips when they don’t do anything to make them supper dry and crusty. Mr. Leeks’ favorite method to relieve chapped and dry lips is just chapstick. Her favorite brand is Carmex, the original flavor.


  1. Target

Target is every single girl’s favorite store and it doesn’t matter how young or old you are. The store is always staying up to date with all the latest trends and is always hooking you up with the best deals.


  1. Books

Books are a way to relieve stress or go to a different world. Mrs. Leeks’ all-time favorite book is “The Wedding” by Nicholas Sparks If she could only read one book for the rest of her life she said it would be that book “The Wedding”.  She said that she LOVES to read.


  1. Olive Garden

Olive Garden is someplace that you can celebrate something or just someplace nice to eat for a cheap price. The Fettuccine Alfredo is Mrs. Leeks’ favorite thing to get. She usually goes there with either her family or her friends. It’s her favorite place to go out to eat.