Shaley Stuart can’t live without her comfort animals

NHS junior Shaley Stuart

NHS junior Shaley Stuart

Evin Burrola, Staff Writer

A junior tennis player and golfer for Nipomo high school Shaley Stuart has been itching to get out of the house since the quarantine started. She has fought through it by trying lots of new things like cooking, watching different genres of shows, and picking up new sports. Here are the ten things that helped her during the pandemic.


The NoteBook

I fell in love with this movie 3 years ago. It’s a love story about 2 teenagers that will do anything to spend time with each other ANYTHING! The reason I have been hooked on this show is that the story behind it is just so heartwarming and cute.


Birthday Cake Ice Cream from Doc Burnstein’s

I enjoy eating birthday cake ice cream because I love sprinkles and sweetness. I also love being in doc Burnstein’s because the atmosphere is just so nice and I enjoy watching the train go round and round. Eating birthday cake ice cream from anywhere else just doesn’t taste as good as Doc Burnstein’s does.


Cat and Hamster

I have had animals all my life but they were never mine, they were more like family animals. But ever since I got a cat she has given me so much more comfort and happiness. My hamster is the same because whenever I get to let him run around in his ball it brings me excitement because he is so small and Ahhh so stinking cute!



This is my happy place. I love walking down the beach with my grandma and picking up seashells as the sun sets. This walk I take just about every week really relaxes me and clears my mind. There is something about hearing the waves crash and my feet sinking into the soft sand that makes me feel so calm.



This time of the year I really love it because the weather is nice and flowers bloom. It’s also close to mothers day which is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to spoil my mom.



I enjoy playing golf even though it can make me mad when I don’t play well. But it’s something about the feeling you get when you really hit it good that brings me back to the course over and over again. I also love how I can play this sport with my boyfriend and with my dad.


Six Flags

Six flags have always been my favorite place to go even as a child. It’s a great place to go with friends and family. I think I really love this place because I get to see my family in true terror. I just love getting off and making fun of how scared and funny they looked.



Christmas is such a great time and just giving gifts to your family always warms your heart. This time of the year I always get to see my far-away family because they always come down to spend the day with us and that makes me happy. Also, I love eating my aunt’s Spanish rice that she makes every year yum!


Lulu Clothes

I love this brand because the leggings are super comfy and the jackets are so stylish. If lulu didn’t exist I have no clue what I would wear half of the time. They also have so many different selections to choose from.


Video Games

Video games have been something I loved for a long time, The first game I ever played was Call of Duty Black Ops and ever since then, I have been playing them whenever I have time to. Recently I got a gaming computer and my love for games has taken off and playing games with friends just makes me excited and is a great way to end off the day.