Gage Dowd’s Great Adventure

Josh Costa, Staff Writer

With the whole world being shut down due to a pandemic, Gage Dowd didn’t let that stop him from finding inspiration for adventures through fiction and as well as going on adventures with friends. Gage is always the type of person to be outgoing and having fun. Here are ten things that helped him enjoy his time:

One Piece

One Piece is a fictional pirate story about a long adventure towards finding a great treasure. In the series, the main character meets all sorts of friends all while the show covers realistic themes as well. Through the story’s great worldbuilding, Gage is able to be immersed into the series as if he’s in the show itself. The series is still ongoing after 20+ years, however, Gage still keeps up with it and loves it. It shows his tenacity to finish things he’s started and his love for a great adventure with friends, even though fictional media.

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is another fictional anime series based on an adventure. As the main character meets friends along the way he encounters many problems as he tries to search for his dad. This series has amazing fights that keep Gage interested in, as well as its great story.


Soccer is a sport he’s been playing since a child all through high school. He loves the sport as well as watching it and meets a lot of new people from playing on the team as well as getting the ability to travel with them as he plays his games. In his games, he’s able to be himself and play to his highest ability.


Gage is the type of person to always prefer the outside more. He’s always eager to go out and enjoy nature rather than staying inside. Through soccer and traveling, he is able to enjoy the outdoors.


Gage loves to travel with friends, whether it being for a soccer tournament or just to hang out. He often spends time hiking at Big Falls or traveling to Tahoe with friends to enjoy life. He loves to always be outgoing.

Hanging out with friends

This is one of Gage’s most important things to him. Soccer, traveling, and life wouldn’t be as enjoyable without friends. With them, he is able to make memories to look back on, be himself, and always have a fun time. Through him always choosing to be outgoing, he has made tons of friends along the way.


Lemonade is Gage’s personal favorite drink. He always prefers it over any soda because the taste is unlike any other drink to him.


Music is what keeps Gage motivated in times when he’s working alone or when he’s bored. He is able to listen to his favorite artists and genres to help always stay in a good mood. Through music, he can just vibe and rest. Some of his favorite artists are Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, J. Cole, and etc. these artists are a heavy influence on him and are what helped shape him into who he is now.

His dog, Chopper

His dog is something he recently got and can be said to be one of his best friends. He is named after one of his favorite One Piece characters, Chopper, who is known as the cute reindeer in the show. Chopper, Gage’s dog, gives him a little friend at home but also it teaches him responsibility. Because of Chopper, Gage has been able to feed him, take care of him, and more. Through Chopper, Gage has bettered himself while also loving his dog.


Finally, although Gage loves to be outside, he also loves Xbox. He plays it whenever he has the time and is where he can meet new friends and also enjoy himself. Through the pandemic, meeting with friends became harder and harder, but through Xbox, he was able to stay in contact and still have fun with his friends.