Dj Sosa kept himself entertained during the pandemic

DJ Sosa present at an NHS Basketball game

DJ Sosa present at an NHS Basketball game

Daren Sosa, Staff Writer

With the coronavirus taking the whole world over causing many businesses, entertainment, restaurants, etc, to close down, everyone was stuck at home for months. Some stayed busy keeping themselves occupied at home. Although the global pandemic had a huge setback on many people’s lives some were keeping themselves busy trying out new things and learning new skills. Dj Sosa had learned a lot of skills and tried out new things during the global pandemic he really kept himself busy. Here are his ten favorites:


1. He caught up on a few TV shows that he’s never had the time to watch, specifically anime shows. 


2. He had the opportunity to read lots of literature such as Dante, and Virginia Woolf. 


3. He spent lots of time with my family that he lives with.  


4. He had the opportunity to practice his barbering skills because the barbershops were closed! 


5. He spent a lot of his time buying and selling shoes as a side hustle. 


6. He also picked up shooting baskets more often. 

His Dog Obi

7. He spent a lot of time with his dog Obi, and took him on walks, he loved every second of the pandemic because he was always home! 


8. He also learned how to play yu-gi-oh. 


9. He did lots of studying for his classes; even though we were in a pandemic he had to be on top of my school work! 


10. Perhaps the two things that he enjoyed most in the quarantine were working out and going on nature walks! These two activities really opened his eyes to the awesomeness of our world and bodies. Overall he loved to try these activities in different circumstances, but the quarantine helped him progress as a person.