Mr. Houchin unwinds with some frisbee and his dog Barley


Mr. Houchin pictured looking “dope”

Sage Champion, Staff Writer

Mr.Houchin begins his classes by greeting everyone, making sure they’re doing all right. This sometimes spirals into a ten-minute conversation about anything– like the track meet that weekend or how the local real estate market is doing right now. Be prepared to talk to him because if he calls on you, he won’t let you just sit there and say, “I don’t know.” Instead, he’ll help you through the question and find ways for you to understand.

After a long day of teaching AVID, AP World, Government, and Economics, he likes to relax by playing ultimate frisbee, surfing, hiking, and going on walks. Here are ten things he can’t live without:


1.Disk golf

“My favorite outdoor activity because of covid; recently I’ve been interested in disk golf”. He goes out with former students and plays disk golf with one or two of them to stay socially distanced. Normally he would play ultimate frisbee with anyone who shows up to the back field on Fridays after school and I know many former students would love to play.


2. His sunglasses –

when I asked why something so basic like his sunglasses was the second thing he thought of and he said, “Well they’re prescription, so without them, I wouldn’t be able to see whenever it’s sunny which is a lot here.” Seems like a good enough reason for me.


3.His wife/best friend, kids, all his friends, and colleagues in his life-

Everyone needs a support group around them or just people they mutually respect who can advise them through life, and for Houchin, it’s these people.


4. Sirmione Italy –

“Google it, do a little reading and you will be equally captivated.” Do it. You’ll be blown away as I was.


5. Garage fridge –

“Any man who doesn’t understand that isn’t a real man and doesn’t deserve a garage fridge.”


6. His dog Barely –

He’s a chocolate lab that they got as a puppy right when covid started and Houchin loves taking him on long walks six to nine mile walks with his wife.


7. The bottle opener on his ice chest-

“I don’t use it every day but when I need it I’m glad it’s there, I zip-tied it to the side of my ice chest and every time I see it I think it’s the greatest invention.


8.Harmony –

“I was married there, and my wife’s family owned the town of 18 when I first met her. They shut down the whole town for my wedding.”


9.The bottle opener that hangs from his fence-

Also an amazing invention, Houchin appreciates this gift from a student because it reminds him of the student every time he uses it.


10.The Dodgers –

“I have a history with the Los Angeles Dodgers because I played in LA when I was in little league and I played all the way through high school and even coached. When I was little, I got to sit with the original Dodgers team In the dugout.”