Stunt the Sport


Stunt cheer competition at AGHS

Isabella Sparks, Staff Writer

Stunt is a newer sport and many do not know what it is. According to STUNT the Sport, “In spring 2011, USA Cheer announced that 21 universities are now committed to this sport. STUNT requires high athletic skills and its competition format and scoring systems are unique.”  Stunt now is the fastest growing female sport in the country and is done at college and high school levels.

Each team gets videos for levels 1-6 for each category, each getting progressively harder as they get higher. The team has time to learn and perfect these routines before they go head to head with the opposing team.

A stunt game is formatted with four quarters. 1) Partner Stunts, 2) Pyramids and Tosses, 3) Group Jumps and Tumbling, 4) Team Performance. During these quarters, two teams will be on the mat side by side while the judges watch from the front of the mat, watching for synchronization and fully hitting each stunt.

They can also be marked down points for many things, if a routine bobbles, timing is off, a routine falls, bases move a step out, incorrect body position. The list goes on so the team has to be really serious in practice making sure to have the routines down as well as possible.