Movie poster for Netflix’s “Amateur”

Nick Gonzalez, Staff Writer

“You can’t win unless you learn how to lose,” professional basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once said.


The Netflix movie “Amateur” was filmed in 2018 in Denver at Regis University, and it was released on Netflix on April 6, 2018. It was directed by Ryan Koo.


“Amateur” is about a kid named Terron (Michael Rainey Jr.) who is the main actor, he is an Amateur basketball phenom. While he was just in the 8th grade, a coach from Liberty Prep, Coach Gaines, offered Terron a scholarship and an opportunity to move in with him and his team. Terron and his family had to discuss it and if they wanted to let him go. They eventually let him take the opportunity.


After he took the opportunity, he went to school and had to adapt to that life, college life. Most of his teammates were skipping class and asking him if he wanted to go with them, but he wasn’t used to that and didn’t want to get in trouble. Terron realizes that education doesn’t seem to be a priority at his new school.


At first, the players were being mean to him because he was a new kid and he was so young, he didn’t get to play that much at first because he had to adapt to how they play and the plays that their coach made up. He cost them one game because he turned it over at the end and the other team scored and won, but “you can’t win unless you learn how to lose” so he eventually adapted to how they play and he became a star on the team and the players started to get along with him.


Terron (Michael Rainey Jr,) is a great actor and is in many shows and movies now, he really played the role of the star basketball player very well.


“Every negative – pressure, challenges – are all an opportunity to rise.”