Nipomo Golf Team League Finals

NHS 2021 golf team

NHS 2021 golf team

Evin Burrola, Staff Writer

The Nipomo High Schools golf team is doing better than many expected this year. They are 9-1 which gives them a huge lead in getting 1st team overall for the league. Recently, on Thursday, May 20th, they finished up their last game with an overall score of 230 to 267, which was impressive since they almost lost Monday’s game against Orcutt Academy.

The head coaches of the Nipomo golf team are Kurt Lindgren and Tony Dodge. Mr. Lindren is also a coach for the girls and boys water polo team for Nipomo High School and a P.E. teacher at  Mesa Middle School. Coach Lindgren has been a coach of the Nipomo Boys golf team for quite some time now. Tony Dodge is also well known for being a P.E. coach at Nipomo High School and the coach for the boy’s football team.

In two weeks the boys’ golf team has a big tournament coming up with all teams that are in the league playing. If Nipomo were to win this tournament, they would win the league and hopefully go on to play in the CIF. In order to qualify for CIF as a team, the boys would have to shoot a score below 440. If you were to go on to CIF as an individual then you would have to shoot an 85 or better. Going to CIF for individually should be an easy task for Jack Wellenkamp, earlier in the year, he shot a -1 35 in a match against Templeton. Keep an eye out for Shane Tryon who shot 37 in their last match against Orcutt.