A Grand Grad Night


Pictured front gates of Universal Studios Hollywood during Grad Night 2021 event

Josh Costa, Staff Writer

Seniors of 2021 are officially graduating in what people may be called the weirdest school year. This school year started off poorly for most seniors– not being able to see their friends, their teachers, or even be able to go out and do senior things. However, to finally end the year, seniors were given a chance at Grad Night.


“The lines were extremely long,” says Izzy Sparks, a senior at Nipomo High School. She could’ve had more fun if the lines were shorter, making her time more resourceful at Universal Studios. “However, I still had a fun time with my friends,” she said. Despite Izzy’s frustrations about the lines, she was still able to enjoy her Grad Night.


Armoney Anderson, a former senior at Nipomo High School, was invited to go with her family who is a senior now and she says, “Man, it was crazy.” Armoney bonded more with her senior graduate sister and had a great time.


“Universal was really fun. Getting to ride all the rides after a few years was the best, I always love the Simpsons ride and The Mummy ride,” said Gwenyth DeVinney, a senior at Nipomo High School. “It was nice to go for Grad Night because at six there weren’t as many people, so all the rides were somewhat decent and overall it’s just an amazing time no matter who I go with.” Gwenyth really enjoyed her time and it was a great experience for her to end her senior year.


In the end, Universal Studios was a great way to end off this weird senior year and was a great experience for those who are seniors or even those who graduated and got time to spend with their family who are graduating.