Mr. Pepo Often Hunts for Treasure


Mr. Pepo pictured in his classroom

Sara Relyea, Staff Writer

Mr. Pepo teaches Earth Science and Chemistry. Below are the ten things that have helped him enjoy life more.


  1. Collect Something – I like to collect Magic the Gathering Cards, old video games, rocks, and minerals. I believe we are all still looking for special treasures as we humans are treasure hunters, and collecting helps us find our own special treasures.


  1. Soft T-shirts that are Stretchy – I like to wear soft T-shirts that are stretchy, I like the material they use. I have this “Titan Strong” T-shirt that most of the staff wear, and since students see us every once in a while, I have worn this T-shirt 3 days in a row. If students notice and tell me I’ve been wearing the same t-shirt since the last time they saw me, I tell them I washed it. In actuality, I haven’t.


  1. Reading Plan – I believe we should at least read one classic book once going into summer. I like to read fiction and then nonfiction books, then I alternate back.


  1. Grow Some Food – I like to grow a lot of things like tomatoes and basils. My boys like to eat berries. It’s important to at least grow something to have experience.


  1. Have A Piece Of Classical Art – Junior year during the summer I took an Art history class and I saw a painting by Francisco Goya called, “Saturn Devouring His Son” . Goya paints very dark things, so when I saw it, I wanted to see it in person. I went to Museo Nacional del Prado in Spain; I was so excited to see it and I thought it was going to be a huge painting, but when I saw it, it was very tiny.


  1. Get into Music You don’t Like – During high school I didn’t really like country and classical music, so I forced myself to get into these genres. I started off with Koby Keith and Cool Ranch. I found myself talking to people I never talked to, so you always explore and try new things because you never know what you might like


  1. Read Aesop’s Fables if you haven’t – If you haven’t read any Aesop’s Fables you have to read it once in your life. I taught my son to look before you leap after he got hurt, while my grandfather used to say “menos burros más elotes” whenever he would ask if I was hungry. It translates to less donkeys and more corn, which means the less people there are the more food you can eat. Aesop’s Fables have lessons embedded in each one and you can point them all back to it to all sorts of other fables from other cultures.


  1. Have A Dance Move or Know a Dance Move – In college I took a dance class and I learned how to do the waltz, swing dance, tango, salsa, and cha-cha. While for swing dance I am more confident in my dancing skills because I know more or less of the basic moves. However I do the Dougie horribly, but I only bust this dance move at weddings.

  2. Have One Sport to Follow – I follow hokey, and I count on the L.A Kings. Most people from here follow the European League or soccer. It’s fun to ask about teams and being able to talk to them with others even though I’m not super into them.


  1. Have a Simple Recipe to Know – My wife is super healthy, so when I created “Chili Weenies” she would instantly recognize that the recipe that I made isn’t really healthy; However, she loved it in the end. To make it you get hot dogs and slice them into chunks, combined with cooked onions and tomatoes, then adding the spice is optional. You can make it as crispy, chewy, and thick as you want and practice leads to confidence to make it and share it with others. That’s the point of learning a simple recipe, you make it your own.