How does the Covid Class of 2021 Stay Motivated?


Sheli Hart

Pictured Gianni Hart and friends

Daren Sosa, Staff Writer

With the school year coming to an end throughout this crazy year full of surprises and a lot of online schools, many seniors had to deal with a lot of stressful senior activities and work but they had some motivations as to why they kept working hard.


¨A few things that motivated me this year were probably just knowing that this is my last year and thinking about my future and how this year will get me closer to my goal,¨ said Elijah Ojeda, senior student-athlete.


¨A couple of things that helped me through my senior year was looking forward to sports. And being able to hang out with friends outside of school,¨ said Victor Ortiz, senior student-athlete.


¨Something that motivated me was going to in-person school [because] it made me [do] my homework,¨ said Joey Garcia, senior student-athlete.


¨My senior felt like it was going to be a mess but since a new year came around it was time to set new goals to go off into graduation and be in the next chapter of my life but what’s keeping me motivated is my pride to pursue in achieving my goals,¨ said Alberto Diaz, senior.


¨A few things that kept me motivated was that we might possibly have a basketball season and to keep my acceptance into Cal Poly,¨ said Gianni Hart, senior student-athlete.


¨Some things that motivated me was knowing it was my final year of high school so I got everything done so I can graduate, and my mom because she didn’t immigrate to this country just for her son to be a failure with such an opportunity I’ve been given,¨ said Adrian Alvarez, senior student-athlete.

Being a senior in the class of 2021 was crazy with a lot of ups and downs but that’s what makes this year one of a kind and very special.