Akame ga Kill


Promotional poster for “Akame ga Kill

Sage Champion, Staff Writer

“Akama ga Kill” is one of the saddest, brutal, mature & action-packed anime I’ve ever watched. A group of rebels known as the ‘Night Raid’ is a group separate from the revolutionary army trying to start a war with the corrupt imperial kingdom. The kingdom frames these rebels as the most wanted criminals. Najenda is the leader of the Night Raid and Revolutionary Army, she’s the one who leads the group of highly trained assassins in the war against the imperial army.

During a mission Leone appointed a new member to Night Raid named Tatsumi who ends up being the main character. Little did he know he was about to be held captive in a torture chamber by the Nobels he thought were helping him. After learning that the Nobles who were hospitalizing him also were ones who tortured his friends to death, the enraged Tatsumi pulls his sword out, kills the last noble, and joins the Night Raid. Seeing how rebel forces dominated the kingdom, the emperor called out General Esdeath. She is a bold, brave, sadistic psychopath; remorseless and strong she hates all kinds of weaknesses, she has even been taught by her father that only the Strongest lives and the Weak perish. She ends up being the main antagonist but at one point falls in love with Tatsumi, changing everything.


During this show, many of the characters on both sides end up dying. A lot of the characters that die are the characters they spend the most time on, making the viewers feel connected to them before taking them away abruptly. I loved this show because even though a lot of the characters I like died it all flows in a way that makes you feel connected to the characters and that their death wasn’t in vain. It’s a pretty simple story, anyone who watches a lot of shows can predict when someone is going to die but at least for me that had no effect on how I felt when somebody died, I cried for every single one. If you’re looking for a good tear-jerker with some action, or are just looking for a good short anime to watch I highly recommend “Akame ga Kill.”