When mrs. Oksner isn’t working in the career center, she loves the outdoors


Gloria Guerrero

Mrs. Oksner enjoying a day in the career center

Geoffrey Gracia, staff writer, website editor, layout editor

Trisha Oksner begins each school day in the career center. She spends her time in the career center meeting with students, making scholarship announcements, making sure things around the career center are interesting and welcoming to students, and ensuring that each student is as prepared as possible for the beginning of their life beyond high school. Her job may seem difficult from an outside view, having to care for hundreds of students from Nipomo High and New Tech high, but those very students are what keep her going. She’s motivated by her interactions with them and what she can do to put them into the best position for success. 

When she’s not in the career center, however, she loves to unwind or prepare for the day with these ten essential items: 

  • Coffee and water 

Coffee has been one of my essential drinks, and not much else drink-wise can compare to how important coffee is for me. But water has also been a vital drink choice. Hydration, in general, has been essential for me during quarantine, as it should be for everyone. So it’s always a great idea to make sure you have enough water in your system and ensure you’re adequately hydrated. 

  • Family

My kids and my husband are always an essential part of my life. So even though I thought quarantining with them for months on end would become monotonous at first, it wasn’t really like that at all. On the contrary, having to be with them for months has been relatively comforting. 

  • Nature

Just getting out into the outdoors, in general, is critical for me. It’s a way for me to unwind and let my mind absolve into the natural beauty of wherever I am. Also, it just helps to clear my head to get out of the house. 

  • Hiking 

With a part of my love of getting outdoors also comes my passion for hiking. Hiking is usually what I end up doing when I venture into nature, and it’s just a good way for me to wind down. Walking and hiking trails are also interesting because I can explore the area that I’m walking through, whether it’s local or somewhere I haven’t been. 

  • Friends 

My friends are important to me for the very reason that they’re just people I can be around to have fun with or to step away from life for a bit with. 

  • Book Club

My book club is essential to me in the same way that my friends are. But I love reading, so it sort of acts as a way to combine the two. It’s also lovely to talk with others passionate about reading in the same way I am, talk about the books I’m reading currently, and hear other’s thoughts. 

  • Reading and Audible 

My passion for reading is always something that sticks with me all the time. Of course, when I read, I prefer to have physical books, and I don’t enjoy digital ones as much, but I have gotten really into Audible. So when I’m not reading, I’m listening to an audiobook, but either way, I’m always trying to get some form of reading in my spare time.

  • Traveling 

Traveling has always been a necessity for me, but with Covid, things have changed. So while I can’t explore all of the world, the “in-state necessity” has allowed me to explore California and see more locally in addition to some of the state’s secret treasures I hadn’t seen or been able to travel to. Road trips have been a great stand-in for the lack of traveling far. 

  • Newspaper 

Although it’s not all that eco-friendly, I need to have physical newspapers to read to get my informational updates, as digital ones aren’t the same and don’t have that tangible feeling. I have always been in love with journalism because it was my first love. I went to college for journalism, and it was my very first true love. So it’s sad to see that journalism, my first love, is a slowly dying industry. 

  • The Beach

As I had mentioned before, nature and its serenity are crucial for me and my walks past the butterfly trails that extend down to Pismo Beach. I love walking the trails near the beach; they are my chance to get exercise, experience some nature, and explore my surroundings like when I hike. It’s just a good place for me to go to take a small and adventurous break.