All American

Rudy Garibay, Staff Writer

“All American” is a show that is based on a five-star player, Spencer James, who seems to always have a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Spencer is expected to always be the superhero.

So far there have been two full amazing seasons and currently, a couple of episodes are already available for the third season. “All American” is a show that is full of smiles and excitement, but at the same time, it’s also somewhat of a drama because where there are high schoolers, there is usually drama.

With Spencer coming back to Crenshaw in this current third season, he has a lot of pressure, he is expected to win the championship for Crenshaw, but so far has not only failed at that, but he has also lost some friends on the way.

In this third season, there has already been so much drama– from Coop (his best friend since childhood) deciding to not be Spencer’s friend to Spencer losing his girlfriend (Layla).

Every Tuesday there has been a new episode since the 8th of February of this year. So far there have been 8 episodes and all are full of suspense or just full of action and drama. The CW decided to pause posting the episodes every Tuesday and decided to leave us in suspense since the 8th of March, but it is set to resume on the 13th of April.

In the last episode, episode 8 of season 3, so much went on they left audiences in great suspense. Coop was crowned Queen of Homecoming and Spencer was crowned King, so they had to say a speech describing the traits of a king or queen. Spencer is finally cooling down in this episode and is able to take a lot of pressure off his shoulders. He gave a great speech stating how a king is a leader who gathers people and works together. But Coop’s speech was much different, she made it clear that nothing is getting in her way, and she basically stated how so many things have been holding her back, but she declined the offer of being Homecoming Queen and instead decided to drop out of high school.

After stating that she was dropping school, Coop just left. Then we learned how Olivia had feelings for Spencer for a while now, and she has grown to love him because of last Summer in Vegas. It has ruined lots of relationships and has changed a lot of people’s lives.

Their last Summer changed everything. It ruined Spencer and Layla’s relationship, as well as Asher and Olivia’s. Jordan Olivia’s brother also changed his life, him being only a Senior in high school and having a bright future in football, he decided to get married to Simone but actually seems like the happiest character right now because everything is working out.

This last episode though left is in very great suspense at the end, Spencer and Olivia go on a car ride to talk things over, and Olivia tells Spencer that she loves him and she always has. Olivia is the reason that Spencer’s relationship is over. And she remembers last summer how Spencer told her he loves her, so she finally told him, “I love you too.” But as they were driving and talking, Liv rear ends someone at the end of the episode and tells Spencer to hop in the driver’s seat because she realizes she isn’t going to pass the sobriety test, It is ended with Spencer just looking at Liv and feeling disappointment.