The Lowdown with the Shutdown

Kyler Vernon

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Precisely 365 Days after Trump’s inauguration comes a dark cloud over Washington.

At 12:00 PM, on January 20th the United States Government shut down due to an impasse on the federal budget concerning DACA. Republicans want a federal budget that allows the compromise on DACA and other funding for Trump’s keystone issues.

Democrats caved on a impending government shutdown.

In an attempt to generate a groundswell of support for a legislative win on former President Obama’s executive amnesty DACA, Democrats filibustered a continuing resolution to fund the government. That tough stance lasted precisely three days. Then Democrats voted with Republicans to fund the government in its entirety for another three weeks.

This makes the second government shutdown in the last five years.

Source: Back in 2013, the Republicans refused to fund then-President Obama’s Affordable Care Act and then reversed and fully funded the bill.

  • That followed a government shutdown in 1995-1996 that ended after nearly a month, with major political costs for Congress, and a win for then-President Bill Clinton.
  • And that government shutdown followed the one in November 1995, when Republicans received merely an agreement from President Clinton to balance the budget within seven years.

Why is that?

Possibly because Americans now buy into the urgency of funding the government fully. We’ve conditioned ourselves for years that any government shutdown imperils us all. We also have been trained for years that the future of this country is in the hands of the Congress, not the executive.

Americans see Congress as the party most responsible for passing legislation the president will sign, not the president as the party most responsible for agreeing with Congress. And that means that the president’s priorities take center stage when dealing with Congress, even though the president is oftentimes the person holding up government funding, or causing political damage for both sides.

With a reopened and fully funded government for at least the next three weeks, this turns Capitol Hill into the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. As members of both sides gear up for their Superbowl in order to either find funding for DACA, which seems likely in the foreseeable future, or brawl over another shutdown.

The United State’s population is becoming more comfortable with the notion that the government operates without the potholes and cracks uniquely built into the American system; the media are fascinated with the daily circus show of government. The members of congress have banked on the fact that there will be inevitable damage that comes with a government shutdown.

Thus Allowing Americans to become enraged at the efficiency of the government at this time. Yet to our luck, us Americans get to live another day in the land of the free while our leaders stretch the carpet for partisan demands.