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Car Of The Month

Kyler Vernon

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From stoplight to stoplight rolling down Tefft Street you might happen to notice a hot red muscle car/truck.

No not a Chevrolet El Camino, but Ford’s answer the infamous vehicle, the Ranchero.

In the 1950s crazy car styles and concept vehicles zapped the imagination of the public, the more futuristic and crazy the body styles the more buyers wanted in. The Ranchero is an elementary creation in its simplest form: mush up a car and truck for the ultimate dual purpose grocery getter.

Ford sold over 500,000 of these cars through a successful production run of 21 years. This 2nd generation Red Ranchero screams with a Ford 302 small block that runs with the power of roughly 250 ponies at the rear wheel, and you can find it in the NHS parking lot Monday through Friday.

The essence of cool is the classic car which always captures attention.

Think about the times at a stopped intersection where you have stared at a loud hunk of steel idling in the lane next to you. We love cars because we spend so much time commuting and exploring in them– why not drive something that’s cool, classy and brash. Kenny Wallravin does. “I like to turn heads; it’s loud which sometimes gets annoying, but there is nothing better than making people scared with the exhaust,” said Wallravin.

Kenny Wallravin’s 1965 Ford Ranchero earns this month’s car of the month.

Combined with Kenny’s love of classic cars, the red Ranchero commands attention with every loud gurgle of the engine.

The Car of the Month award is awarded to vehicles who go above the function of a mode of transportation; these are cars with soul and personality and are the ones we find ourselves staring at on our walk through the school parking lot day in and day out.

Occasionally, Wallravin will be driving a 1968 Ford Ranger, 1968 Caddy or a 1969 Mustang.

Even though gas mileage is a constant issue, the old cars always provoke a feeling of joy or excitement. Sometimes cars create a reflection into years past or provide us with memories that we cherish.

The Ranchero is 50% car, 50% truck, but 100% cool.