Open yourself to a whole new world in literature


Gustavo Buenrostro

The NHS Book Club meets up once a month to talk about books and have a good time eating food and hanging out with friends.

The current club president is Guadalupe Angeles. “When people hear about the book club, they think it’s just about books and school stuff, but it’s about voicing our opinions and sharing our thoughts and having a better view of the world through words and meeting new people,” said Angeles.

The club is just more than reading books and discussing them.

It focuses on how stories make one feel– if it makes you feel more connected to the world around you through the words of the authors. “I love talking about the books and hearing about other people’s opinions and argue what was better and wasn’t about the book,” said Angeles.

This club is worth joining; I have even recently started reading books more. It really opens one’s mind and thoughts about the world and what people experience in order to write a book.

The book club does more than get together and discuss books. It also holds events or participates in them like the upcoming event at Trilogy-Monarch Dunes on Sunday, March 18th from 11am-3pm with 26 local authors from all genres for every book lover. Authors will be doing readings, and there will be a raffle for free books. Also the first 100 attendees will receive a book tote bag.

The club is a place to find a whole new world through literature.

People can escape their normal lives and can express themselves.

Club President Guadalupe says, “I enjoy reading because it inspires me, it expands my creativity, and I enjoy the excitement with every new book. Not every book is simple, but they still make me have a different perspective on the world; they offer life lessons and experiences.”

The club adviser Jennifer Matsuura (also the school’s librarian) values “being exposed to so many books that people recommend and learn from.”

Some students don’t believe that reading opens one’s world or is very fun to do. Matsuura thinks otherwise: “Reading is the escape from the real world problems one faces, and it’s a great way to learn about other people’s experiences they had.”

She enjoys the club a lot; she recommends it to anyone. “People should join because regardless of who you are or who you hangout with, everyone is welcomed and can make new friends and get to enjoy reading new good book,” says Matsuura.