Nipomo High School Boys’ Golf win their first tournament of the year!


Klay Funez

Kyler Vernon, Writer ; Photographer

With a packed van ride to Morro Bay, the NHS boys golf team made their way to their first tournament of the year.
As they checked their phones with anxiety, the forecast remained the same: rain with chances of severe showers. Yet the Morro Bay golf club insisted the tournament be played despite the conditions, which made the first outing of the year even more memorable.

At the end of the day the team stood in third place with wet socks and room for improvement. Despite a nagging battle on the course, they still found enjoyment with a post tournament trip to Costco for dinner. “Costco was definitely a highlight because we were starving after the match,” said Tanner Bevil.
Teams from all over both countries joined to play. The team started the day on the practice greens then proceeded to the driving range until the team meeting was called to order.

The coaches indicated that they were to play foursomes with a shotgun start, which allows all groups to start on different holes.
Golf is played in relation to par which is set at a score of 72, the closer that number (or below) the more likely you are to win. Each hole on the 18 hole course has its own par assigned to it, thus holes are par 3-5 (the number is the amount of strokes it takes to par a hole). Anything over is considered a bogey and anything below is a birdie or eagle.

Beginning in early January a group of determined NHS players began their practices at the home course of Monarch Dunes. With Coach Lindgren at the helm, the team scratched together a large group of players ready for competition. From novices to veterans, they all managed to post respectable scores that first day.
During practice the rag tag group of players can be found laughing as they make large agricultural sweeps at the horrified white ball. Golf is a sport of patience, ones who spend time to love it become successful and the others are still in the trees looking for their ball. Kyler Vernon expressed his disappointment in after practice on day: “I hit 32 in a practice round once; that’s just too many houses for 18 holes.”

This marks the first of many tournaments and matches for these golfers. Yet the Morro Bay tournament set the tone for new practice styles, and increased putting drills. The Morro Bay Golf Course was a misleading monster especially in the weather, fairways are wide yet the greens are brutally quick and deceptive, thus causing infatuated scores from each team.

Klay Funez, Kegan Sinay, Tanner Bevil, Eric Sahagen, Evan Berrola, and Kyler Vernon are the six who made the varsity team at the first match. Through the wet rain they played through. “It wasn’t as bad… I thought it would rain more than it did. But the course was rough. Greens were crazy,” said Kegan Sinay, expressing his feelings on the weather.